LEAD Contest

Leadership, Education and Development Contests

Leadership Education And Development (LEAD) Contests are designed to make classroom instruction practical with real world applications.  Through a variety of methods, Junior High School and Senior High School students in Ghana are able to practice numerous skills, competencies and demonstrations of their critical life skills. These LEAD Contests have been developed to instill pride in students, promote understanding of a topic and to provide opportunities for new student experiences.  Through these contests students can engage in friendly competition to bring pride to themselves, their community, and 4-H Ghana as a whole. While no financial support is provided from 4-H Ghana for students to compete, they are encouraged to use local resources and support systems such as the 4-H Alumni Volunteer Network to ensure their success and support travel to competitions. Each competition is designed to further a student’s desire to contribute and succeed in their communities. LEAD Contests provide many opportunities to students.


As students practice leadership in their 4-H clubs, it is important to provide opportunities for them to improve their skills and develop the courage to continue leading in their communities. Contests that focus on life skills help ensure the creation of well-rounded young professionals and leaders of tomorrow.


Education is the foundation of success in any society. As we learn and experience life and its lessons we are charged to pass this knowledge on to those around us and the following generation. Students involved in 4-H learn directly from their teachers in schools and from members around the community. Contests focused on livelihood skills are able to showcase student’s abilities to apply what they have learned to real life situations. They empower students to be confident in a particular job and to help them pursue further education in areas related to their future careers.


Societies are constantly evolving as new ideas, concepts, and growth occur.  4-H Ghana strives to develop the best and most effective leaders through Positive Youth Development (PYD). Communities develop through engaged dialogue, hard work, and ethical dedication to the success of those around us. Contests focused on the development of gender awareness and education, personal health and fitness, agricultural growth, and community development are designed to engage students in problem-solution thinking and critical thinking skills to become influential in community decisions.

2017 LEAD Contests

Club Meeting

This event is based on the structure of a 4-H Club Meeting. Students will demonstrate opening and closing ceremonies as well as give reports and discuss new business through parliamentary procedure. Rules and score sheets can be found here.


In this event, students will participate in structured debate of a provided topic. Rules and score sheets can be found here.

The 2017 topic is, “A new rule is being proposed preventing males from being the 4-H Club President.”

Agriculture Creed

Agriculture Creed is a provided speech, which is memorized by competitors and recited. Afterwards, contestants answer personal opinion questions about the Creed. Rules and score sheets can be found here.


For the entire LEAD Contest Guidebook click here.