Success Stories

4-H PICS Success

With 20 farmers, 30 members of the Cheshegu JHS 4H Club, and 2 members of the Islamic SHS 4H Club present, Alex Bokuma led a PICS bag training in the village of Cheshegu in the Northern Region. Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) Bags are a three-layer system grain sack that allows farmers to store their dry cereals for longer periods of time while minimizing losses to things like weevils and aflatoxins. After demonstrating how to properly use the bag and discussing its value, a local farmer provided maize to fill one. In four months, the bag will be reopened and farmers will be able to compare the difference in the quality of grain in the PICS bag and that of conventional storage systems. The training was very exciting to the farmers and students alike, and all involved are looking forward to seeing the results of the demonstration in four months.

– Article by Erik Jorganson, 2017 AgriCorps Fellow