Alumni Volunteer Network

Alumni Volunteer Network

About AVN

The Alumni Volunteer Network (AVN) strives to support agricultural & life education, community development, and student empowerment to strengthen the 4-H, and promote a greater knowledge of the agriculture industry. Anyone who has or has not gone through a 4-H program can be a member of the local AVN. It is in the local community that a 4-H AVN can find real meaning. The help rendered to a local  4-H club, the students in the community, and the instructor is invaluable. The local 4-H Network can assist the 4-H members and the advisor in a multitude of ways to make the learning experience more meaningful. Skills and abilities learned now can only make for a better tomorrow as these young leaders emerge. The AVN is not just an organization, but it supports the movement of Positive Youth Development for all to benefit.

Volunteers are needed to commit their time, skills, and other resources to build the future of our young people in a context that they will be responsive to societal needs such as caring for the environment, food security, leadership, entrepreneurship, etc. Volunteering means one agrees to contribute time and resources without being paid. Active volunteers are vital to aiding our youth in overcoming challenges, such as youth unemployment, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, and reproductive health issues, even if they have not been active with 4-H in the past.


The mission of the Ghana 4-H Alumni Volunteer Network is to secure the promise of 4-H and agricultural education by creating an environment where people and communities can develop their potential to learn earn and go green while empowering youth to reach realize and achieve their full potential.

Please use the Guidebook below to create and build your own local Alumni Volunteer Network.

Alumni Volunteer Network Guidebook 2017