1.Since its formation in 1903 in the USA, 4-H members continue to provide direction for the growth of agriculture. 4-H Ghana through its Enterprise garden project has provided direction to farmers on good planting protocols in maize production and other crops. Over 167 School and Community 4-H Clubs have planted gardens as a livelihood and life skills projects.The goal of this project is to engage young people to contribute to the value chain of agriculture in collaboration with the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The project which is being funded by Dupont and Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation in USA is under the support of the National 4-H Council of USA.

2. 4-H agriculture programmes seeks also to promote sustainable school feeding through the Enterprise garden project. 4-H Ghana is in partnership with the Ghana National School Feeding Programme to develop a model to sustain school feeding programme through the Enterprise Garden programme.

3. 4-H Ghana is also working with the International Potato Centre to promote the cultivation of the Orange Fleshed Sweet Potatoes (OFSP) to improve nutritional needs of children in schools. To this end 4-H Ghana is taken delivery of OFSP vines to be cultivated in the schools and communities to improve vitamin A deficiency.